11th Dimension Lyrics

Remember the time when you held your head up high
And the pride that is gone and buried inside
All that you've conquered you lost in a destructive spiral down
Now you're still drowning in your despair
Without a hope but...

Have you ever tried fighting instead?
Have you ever tried raising your head?
Have you ever tried asking for help?
Have you ever tried learning again?
Break down your desperation.

Break the chains that embrace you
Raise and change the direction
Find your way

It's tight here
I'm breathless

Looking inside, I am just like you
Open your eyes, come and face the truth
We're wasting a lifetime, we play and lose

Facing the future may seem a very hard task
Leaving the comfort zone in the past
Face the fact that you don't have a massive amount of time
To heal inside and clean all the mess

We can't be adrift forever...
We can't be adrift forever...
We can't be adrift forever...
We can't be adrift forever...

All that I had I threw away along the shore
All that will come I fear I cannot control

So we remain adrift
In a stagnant stream
Forever afraid of changing

So lost
Wandering so far away

So lost
Wandering so far away

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