12012 Lyrics

yuganda hamon wa mou usureteite kakegae no nai sekai
yagate horobu
hadzuki, boku wa fukakute hidoku kurai hon no
naka  oto no nai heya de kimi wo machi
tsudzukeru darou
kisaragi, mizuumi no hotori  hidoku
tsukareta kimi ga ite  kawarihateta boku
sae wakaranai jigazou
migite ni KNIFE  houshinjoutai no kimi
wo nandomo naguritsukeru...*
migime ni namida konsuijoutai no kimi nandomo
uzuki, betsubetsu no negai  betsubetsu
no sonzai, dakede boku wa hitei suru darou
nee, kirei na kimi to shitai  hoshikuzu
no CHANDELIER  nakidashita sora
kono tsumi wa ima  tourou no tsuki e
azayaka ni mau
boku wa tada mou  waratte naiteita...
nee, ito oshii kimi to shitai  mizuumi
no BED de  oyasumi yo honey
mou ureshikute, boku no hane wa mou
habatakezu  kuzure
ochi  tada waratte naiteita...
you can not place moshimo boku no kono negai ga kanau
itsuka koko de kimi wo matsu
yo  mutsuki, kimi wo matsu yo...

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I love old 12012 and Wataru's older band, Lubis Cadir. They were so reminiscent of the late 90s visual kei style and so dark and expressive. I am not happy how this band has changed and am not really hooked by anything they have done the recently. And I have this "problem" with a lot of ongoing bands who started around 2003/2004 and changed from aggressive and dark to pop-rock, metalcore or else. I really miss the old times... :/ (yeah, I am stuck in the past. And am not sorry about it)

Pac-Sjwep Nic

I love your Kote Kote Kei playlist!!

Pyramid Head

Like other bands... Gazette, despairs ray, sadie etc etc
i prefer the old music like phobia or deadman

Ethan Cole

I love low quality PVs like this! (Not being sarcastic)

Motionless Min

I love wataru's voice because it has this special cling to it that makes his voice easy to recognize. It's actually just a few singers that has that in my own opinion. I really love how his voice and the music fits together perfectly.

Johna Jordison

I really miss THIS 12012, the darker one. There was so much feeling in their older songs...

Elisabeth J

love it! the piano, the guitars. his voice 8P

Sarah McNab

lol. the perfect song to listen to in the dark. The chorus is creepy when he screams and the voice sounds like its being rewound.

Doris Streit

Omg i remember that times when i found a new world of visual japenese rock music i was 12 yrs old cant believe its already 13 yrs old lol🥺miss them.

Jessica S.

i am so sad :( reason... Yusuke is going to leave 12012 on dec.12

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