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13 & God Lyrics

When low temperature speaks
Speaks only ending to you

All relationships got get they janu
When the way that things are
Turn that corner on proof
When low temperature speaks only end to you
Lest the cyclical and time oriented fall through
For all who all three of you this here janu
more marked by an undeniable stretch of oh do
winged and well beyond it welcome,
when the way that things are turn that corner on proof
when low temperature requires deeper meaning through you
to the stiffened algerbra, the sense to the soft scale
of how you feel about yourself in every tense
and all this world between wings between winters
static to your last band ish til you wish
you had some of freezings more useful characteristics
You know the calendar works perfect bitch

You can't right it or fix it its

When low temperature speaks
Speaks only ending to you

What what what time is it

you know the calendar works perfectly
you cannot right it nor remove the battery
either it has no worse and deeper workings
you might whisper of whats wrong with to a healer
simply that it looks a lot like how this all will feel
in the end, you rotting and lucking long ways
across the cells of every second and hundreds of months touching
there is no day to encircle for when it all gets fixed
no one for locking in on a week day week which
when it all was broke only more unmarked days
for realising all that hold on a human you have really been
after all, its you who keeps himself dark twin
and laying with the long below you void
the ugly unimportance of specific twin to
you was weightless hoping air for all goals and no god
in a revised history for where
you're lacking something umbilical
ice folical, black glass
a strained weak link in a chain gone clear through your past life
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13 &

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