13 & God Lyrics

Old age (x6)

Has your fever fallen enough to age
Cold in the culture of a one legged ape?
Old men with gray hairs laugh at the ones who took to bleach
Pardon freeze
Not pardon your scalp
Self and little death
Today I lost a scar
It fell like a feather from the shadow of my breast
Fro with it's lock of no less irreversible flesh
Left to heal to a ceiling of my odds your men hung up here to (??)
Here to survive by day
He do dead leaf entrance bearest there by grave

It's a form no doubt, soon he will be burnt out, simple of things, and language in business, and ground harked arch angel of live
Get down
Old age Old age Old age Old age...
Anything but you
Any-anything but you

If your sickness
cuts your kindness,
then these language
these are words to say
If your sickness
does your darkness,
then these language
these are words to say

Contributed by Colton I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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