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Propaganda Machine
by 1927

Radio, TV and magazines
Tellin’ you how to be to make the scene
It’s all black and white no grey matter in between
And the megalithic media with feet of clay
Suck to the people so the ratings pay
Never give a care who’s caught in the ricochet
Every picture paints a thousand lies
And the airways amplify

Propaganda Machine
With its slanderous schemes
Propaganda Machine
The lies between the lines

Smooth guy standin’ at a pick-up bar
Flashin’ cash like a movie star
Tellin’ everyone he’s got a brand new car
It’s a Porsche, of course
But he’d never admit he’s got a hell of a life
Workin’ hard payin’ off his third ex-wife
Never the time to enjoy the things he’d like to do
Money can’t but a long term smile
It’s just a lie propagated by

Tells you what to think and what to say
And everything is all O.K.
But we’re all victims of the machine
Tells you what to do what point of view to take
To make you mass-produced
One more prisoner of the machine

Petty politicians playin’ schoolboy games
The fallacy of weapons takin’ deadly aim
Huffin’ and puffin’ now it’s all in the name
Of what’s best … they guess
So they wave us goodbye and they wish us luck
Which is just like sayin’ you can all get lost
Hang the cost if the machine keeps makin’ bucks
And the big boys jump at every chance
To do another dance for the

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