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Tiimmy Turner

but still I'm having memories
Of high speed when the cops crashed
As I laugh, pushing the gas while my Glocks blast
We was young and we was dumb, but we had heart
In the dark, will we survive through the bad parts?
Many dreams is what I had, and plenty wishes
No hesitation in extermination of these snitches
Envious bitches, they still continue to pursue me
A couple of movies, now the whole world's tryna to screw me
Even the cops tried to sue me, so what can I do?
But stay true, sippin' 22's of brew
And now media is trying to test me
Got the press asking questions, trying to stress me
Misery is all I see, that's my mind state
My history with the police will shake the crime rate
My main man had two strikes, slipped, got arrested and flipped
He screamed "Thug Life!" and emptied the clip
Got tired of runnin' from the police

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"Why am i dying to live, if im just living to die." Hits me every time

Laurie Cook

Same here


@Crack Zulu fuck the world and law and order. my

DJ Smash

Word up

Crack Zulu

Not alone

BG Jinxa

When biggie said “I’m too fat” I felt that.

BG Jinxa

Retro Specto yessir he did also say that lol.

Retro Specto

Fuck around n catch a asthma attack 🤦🏽


But biggie wouldn't be biggie if he wasn't big so if anybody calls you fat or big just think of biggie because even though he was big he was gangsta

Dance In The Moonlight


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