3 Feet Short Lyrics

Human obsession with possessions,
wont help us out any,
only makes for more pain than its worth.
between sexes and colors,
daughters and mothers,
its so hard to be normal.
with the same hope and intent,
but how ever hard it gets,
just remember there will always be someone with more misfortunes,
more regrets.
his name will probably be José.
just because he's mexican,
don't give you the right of way,
to ignore him when he's asking for some change,
cuz in the end thats all we really want,
just a little change.

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"Did you have a good day?"
"Shut up!"
"Did you"
"Did you take him to the spa?"
"He put me in the vegetable steamer"


jeff: Did you have a good day
peanut: Yes
Jose: No
peanut: Shut up
jeff: A good day?
Jose: No
Peanut: Shutup
jeff: Your supposed to take him to the spa
peanut: I took him to the spa
jose: He put me in the vegetable steamer
peanut: Thats the same thing
jeff: its not the same thing
peanut: it still gets hot and its steamy and it goes ''Ding''


Peanut : I'm speaking to Jose in his native tongue.
Jeff : Well don't do that.
Peanut : Why not?
Jeff : Well, it makes me feel left out.
Peanut : HUUUHH?!
Jeff : Well I don't speak Spanish.
Peanut : ...
Jeff : ...
Jose : ...(Twilight Zone theme)

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Jeff Dunham .... The only person who can argue with himself and not be considered to be insane

Steve Gonzales

I still think he's insane lol

Daniel Rednor

Don't forget Seth McFarlane

Jordan O'Bryant


Michael Pluto

Look at Seth Macfarlane being that he voices nearly almost every character on his shows

Justin Pullin

i am a Emerson group home
Justin Pullin, Tracy mcClune
anastasia majoras, Mark majoras
Destiny harmon, Brett harmon
Alan Doughty, Bradley haramis

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Still one of Dunham's best jokes imo. This entire segment is fantastic


His best stuff is always when his jokes are directly about the performance and puppets. His other stuff related to stereotypes and “non pc” stuff is just ok.

The Shrieking Gamer Kat

“Do a little Tap dance we we got SALSA!”

Is it bad that I’ve watched this so much I’ve memorized it-

ITZme txunami

@Anthony Harris Oof

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