Get Lit
A$AP Rocky Lyrics

I get so high, I touch the sky 'til I can't even function
I get so high, I fuck around and wanna leave the function
The only thing that's on my mind is I'm gon' leave with something
But it's nothing, and we roll one with the 'tussin, and we gon' get

Get lit

It's about to go down, drunker than a bitch
Afterparty with my niggas slumber party with your bitch
Finna hit the lick, 10 56, takin' sips, let the syrup sit
Let it get the mix, everyday we gettin' gettin' lit
That Purrp purp and I get lit, 'methazine, tell 'em sip this
I'm on that Memphis, that 666, trip six shit, bitches
A 50 box of them Swishers, Ghost slabs on them 6's
In the back seat full of bitches, tryna hit licks, we gon' get lit

Get lit

Niggas so throwed like we don’t know no better
We disobedient, nigga
Mama wanna grab the switch
We like "fuck that, nigga, we out here, mayne"
Coming down, coming live

Just light the candle on the nightstand, sitting by the lotion
I got her open, got her floating off this purple potion
Just take a hit, no time to quit because you gotta smoke this
I gotta focus when I pour it cause it's kinda potent
(She like them all gold slugs) No diamonds on it
I chunk the deuce I'm coming down and I be riding spokes and
I be that pretty muthafucka and you got to know this, this
Now we gotta go get, get, now we gotta go get

Get lit

Young nigga from the southside of H-Town
Fat Tony up in this bitch
Fuckin' with ASAP Rocky in this bitch
You know how young niggas connect from state to state
Feeling great, nigga
Puttin' it in ya face, nigga

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Man life was fun back in these days

Troy Jackson

Man, you ain’t lying. I had some of the best times of my life not only during this era of time in my life, but also to this album.

Alexandra Lindsey

For real

Marcus Davis

amen bro fr. i remember when i had this tape downloaded on a mp3 playerr

Jay Counsil

Dont you dare make me feel old lmfao 😅😅😅😅

Tommy Piccola

@nick Valenzuela I went to three different high schools and dealt with that too. Mary Jane has always had my back and I’m from Colorado so I’ve always been able to score. I just try to focus on myself and achieve any progress I can in life regardless of who’s around me. I know it’s a hard thing to do but once you really love yourself you feel happier. Hope everything works out brotha. Dm me if u ever wanna talk.

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Jay Byrd

This the first song I ever got high too! Where my weed smokers at??


@Jay Byrd samee


Same very first song i burned a small ass gram to when I was 13

kenneth fernandez

U went to outer space listening to this than

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