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A.I. Vs. D Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by A.I. Vs. D:

Better Days (Verse 1) Now you're looking like you've lost your best frie…
Bridge The sun don't shine The moon don't move the tides, To wash…
Bridge Better Days (Verse 1) Now you're looking like you've lost your best frie…

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Comments from YouTube:


YES this is what I've been waiting for. physics APPROXIMATIONS! it's like how you can draw an animation of some cloth flapping in the wind and approximate it without having to get out a calculator to calculate what it would actually look like. am I understanding this right?


Yeah, this would be amazing for lower end pc's and optimizing physics in general!


how the fuck does this comment only have 5 likes, also hello half life man


Ah, yes, I love the stroking bunnies with circular objects mechanic found in many games.


Marc B. Poblet hell, I'd be okay with any type of bunny, even ones that have no objects at all!

Gustavo Santiago

@Marc B. Poblet Gross lol


@KiemPlant you aren't gone suggested we let people stroke dogs and cats in vr are you. Think about all the pets that wil start being neglected in real life the horro

DecodedBunny 101



I especially like the gamey stroking a dragon with utah teapot gameplay in my favourite gamer game, right gamers?

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Robin Antonius

1:03 me and the boys after we just compute the game physics in microseconds

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