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Imagine a European, Serbian guy who has got nothing to do with India nor Hindi/Hindu in any eay, and this is the only tune that can make him peaceful INSTANTLY!

This is how I feel it:
Whenever in stress or anxiety, sit or lay back, close your eyes. In the first part, until about a second minute I imagine I am hovering very slowly over golden fields of wheat or similar (something similar to the scene from Gladiator when he remembers home), this makes me very peaceful. Then, in the second minute as the "horns" are introduced, I look over the fields and I see huge mountains like Himalayas, and some kind of an ancient fortess full of history (this scene makes me feel good and happy as it quite powerful to see), and as these loud and strong instruments play, I am hovering over these mountains, quite high in the sky. As the music calms down, all these sceneries go away, and only happy and nice momeries come in front of me for the rest of this wonderful melody.

Never believed that music can be so powerful instantaneously.

Just wanted to share this moment and I hope someone has the similar experience with this song. Or at least tries the method and proves to be helpful.

Love and peace to all!

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Whether it be an indian or an american...hard work n passion matters..I quit my job in the US (worked with one of the most stable and well paid for a leading s/w companies in WORLD) ..n went back to my country (India) for my mom n dad..i don't want to regret later in my life about loosing time n missing my parents n family..Love people not the luxury will help you later when u look back..


Your comment warms my heart. Wish I could be your guest in India and meet all your family.


I know what you mean. I'm in the cusp of leaving it all behind. I remember listening to this album in 2002 and wondering what it will be like to leave it all behind. I'm 43 now. We've been lied to.


I hope you are well brethren and that your soul is content today in 2021.


@Pablo Ramirez Same here Ramírez. In the end money comes and goes but happiness. Being a good human. That is everything. I am 43 and I too fell for the dream. I have plans to walk away from the rat race. They can keep it.


Wise and nice comment ❤️
Parents aren't there for ever and I know an Indian dude working in finances who simply lived his best time abroad for 25 years and barely came back to visit his family once every 3 years. Result is : Dad dies one day then the mother. Even if he has been so selfish and self centered all his life, he feels incredibly alone and empty inside.

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Simply magic composition. It was included in today classic Cafe Del Mare V and I was able to get it in my collection more then 20 years ago. Thing like that inspired me to travel around India and it was amazing expirience! Hats of for Mr. Rahman.


Listening to this masterpiece for 10 years or longer. Eargasm every time!!!!!!!


Same shit ♥️


100% every time

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