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A Ship in a Stormy Sea
ACE(Tomori Kudo CHiCO) Lyrics

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Lewis Burr

Fun fact....this song only played once during the entire game, that one time was at the start and it sounds quite similar to Bombing mission, coincidence? I think not

Guy Person

and now both are in smash. absolutely nuts.

Jareth Loveland

@Lewis Burr Thought so.

Lewis Burr

@Jareth Loveland correct

Jareth Loveland

This was used when Rex, Nia, Jin, and Malos went to go find Pyra, right?


I never had a chance to realize how good this song is before on account of it only being used once in the game.

Anthony Gerardo Torres Gonzalez

As People Noted this is very similar to Opening - Bombing Mission from Final Fantasy VII (In Smash in the form of an Arrangement made by Yuzo Koshiro) I Have to remind you that Xenogears (The Origin Point of the Xeno Meta-Series) started as a Potential FFVII (and then a Chrono Trigger sequel, making sense due to Masato Kaato being one of the main writers of Xenogears) but the Script was too dark to be part of the main Final Fantasy series (Way before FFXV and the Now (Probably) Mature FFXVI) so was instead developed as separated project and then released in February, 1998


Towering Yggdrasil's opening strongly reminds me of Chrono Trigger, so there's that.

Mega Man

Pyra/Mythra: comes out
31 Horas Music: you thought you were getting out Alive?


Just waiting on that Tekken Music

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