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by AGK

(verses) Out of time, the distinction is fine –
Some days are rushhh, some days moving slower.
Sand in glass, drifting, falling so fast;
Light in my room, no desert is bigger.

The world I see is shrinking, it seems;
Gravity’s pull – you and me at the centre.
Stars delegate their positions to fate –
Simpler for me, my orbit is smaller….

Whisper near, I’ve been needing to hear
Language of dreams and the key to their meaning
Path divides, but which way is mine?
You walk my way; the magic of dreaming!

Hand in hand, as the stones turn to sand
Towering trees, a canopy ceiling.
Angels call, making no sound at all;
Just you and me, my senses are reeling….

We’ll taste all of everything, it’s an open season.
All the treasure that you bring: pleasure, rhyme and reason.
I won’t fear the fall, as you push me over;
Drowning holds no terror, as you drag me under….

Long to be where the dunes meet the sea,
Acres of sky, no buildings concealing
Sunlight plays with the music in waves -
Numinous sigh, the ecstasy gleaming.

Lay me down, on a blanket of sound
Seen from above, you sing for the sleeper
Heaven here, as the doubt disappears
Digging so deep, couldn’t dig any deeper....

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