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Battle Cry I hear the Battle Cry Under the Devil's Sky The One Win…
Cold World Ayo, the world is cold, better bundle up I said the…
He Is Exalted Wake up your mind He is exalted He is exalted He is exalted…
Join Us Join the dark order. (Aren′t you tired of being overlooked? …

The Danhausen Show Very nice, very evil Very nice, very evil Very nice, very ev…

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Ge Huoran

We live in a timeline where I heard Jim Ross say "It's Adam Cole BayBay!"

David Johnson

Bay Bay



Richard Milner

No man that was bound to happen sooner or later

KKev p1

We also live in a time line where Jim ross has a song called my ass

سید ابو سفیان


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Absolute jam. But, I can't help but think what CM Punk said in commentary every time I listen to it,
"Adam Cole looks like the guy who would listen to his own entrance music in the gym."


... and why wouldn'e he. But CM Punk probably does the same

john ivan

Lol I would too


Okay thats fucking funny

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