Best Friends A.E.W. Theme

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Battle Cry I hear the Battle Cry Under the Devil's Sky The One Win…
Cold World Ayo, the world is cold, better bundle up I said the…
He Is Exalted Wake up your mind He is exalted He is exalted He is exalted…
Join Us Join the dark order. (Aren′t you tired of being overlooked? …

The Danhausen Show Very nice, very evil Very nice, very evil Very nice, very ev…

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That's pretty much what happened, they posted the texts between them and Cody about the entrance video package and it was

Cody: what do you think? Any suggestions?

Chuckie T: how about some puppies

Cody: Shoot?(meaning for real?) Okay.

Chuckie T: oh and Aliens and ghosts too.


@@robertjuniorsernaquevelasq151 ah ok
So the puppies must be Chuck's
The random friends hanging out are both Trent? and Chuck's
Orange Cassidy is the lazy blank screen with freshly squeezed written on
Wheeler Yuta is the ghost
And finally Kris is the alien...
Who's the Vampire supposed to be?

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Bowling Alley screens when you get a strike:


Best Friends theme song "The Best Friend" so awesome and so good.


C.J. McCann because a bowling alley shows crazy pics on the screen


So that’s the joke


Isnt funny anyways


DEAD 😂😂😂

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Send this video to your best friend whitout context


I can be your best friend!!

...but you can't be mine...


Just Edit "Trent & Chuck"


Thanks for that he thought I took ecstasy

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