He Is Exalted

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Wake up your mind

He is exalted
He is exalted
He is exalted
He is exalted
He is exalted
He is exalted
He is exalted
He is exalted

Join us
Join us
Join us
Join us
Join us

Join us
Join us

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of ALL ELITE WRESTLING's song "He Is Exalted" convey a strong sense of reverence and proclamation. The repeated affirmations of "He is exalted" serve as a declaration of praise and adoration towards a particular figure. The use of repetition creates a powerful and emphatic tone, highlighting the importance and significance of this individual.

"Wake up your mind" functions as a call to action, urging the audience to awaken their consciousness and become aware of the presence and greatness of the subject being exalted. This line suggests that there is a need for a shift in perspective or mindset, encouraging listeners to open up to a greater understanding or appreciation.

The subsequent repetition of "Join us" hints at a sense of unity and collective fellowship. It invites individuals to come together, join a community, and be part of something larger than themselves. This call to join emphasizes a sense of inclusivity and invites listeners to embrace a shared purpose or belief.

Overall, these lyrics convey the message of acknowledging and celebrating the exaltation of a figure, while also inspiring listeners to awaken their minds and join in unity. It encourages a collective celebration and fosters a sense of community and togetherness. The passionate and repetitive nature of the lyrics lend themselves well to the energetic and fervent atmosphere of professional wrestling, creating an anthem that not only motivates and excites the audience but also invites them to participate in the experience.

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Comments from YouTube:


10 years later on Dynamite, the lights go out, this theme plays and we see a young guy walking out with the retired TNT belt.


That's gonna be the thing to wait desperately
We don't know what will happen in 10 years but one thing is for sure negative one has huge shoes to fill and i know when time comes he will prove his worth


I think everyone in the arena and everyone watching at home will cry, cause i surely will


@Anita Raghav absolutely


@Anita Raghav yeah the debut of negative one is going to be a huge event
And interesting thing is that he has already got his theme song
I saw a clip in which cody was playing negative one's theme song
Just 10+ years down the line he will do what his father was destined to


I would love to see young Brodie -1 Lee Jr. have his official AEW in-ring debut in 10 yrs and honor his father's memory, I hope it comes true.

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F*ck this gives me the chills!!!!! #RIPBrodieLee


RIP Bray Wyatt, they are now reunited together in heaven 💔 RIP Brodie 💜


Rip both Wyatt and lee 🙏💔


2 years later, his passing still hurts. RIP Brodie Lee ❤️

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