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We have lyrics for 'Indignation' by these artists:

Auvic ft. Pipo Fernandez Watching the world rise up in flames Seeking a light to…
Into Eternity Immedicable Irreversible Lash out Face my fears they're r…
Niels Hausgaard Her øesten te vået, dar buer i starut* Haj synger å…

We have lyrics for these tracks by ALL ELITE WRESTLING:

Battle Cry I hear the Battle Cry Under the Devil's Sky The One Win…
Cold World Ayo, the world is cold, better bundle up I said the…
Join Us Join the dark order. (Aren′t you tired of being overlooked? …

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Comments from YouTube:

miguel angel salas legonia

This music is an absolute "tekken type" banger, and hayter became my second crush

Sean Seanson

Big Tekken banger

Baraka Obama

Red Velvet is Hotttt

Marcus Medina

It's definitely NAMCO - Tekken Tag inspired :D

She must've requested it LOL!

Robbie 2Real

Glad I wasn’t the only one

El Desperado

Yes and yicks

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Awesome theme. The way she walked out to this was perfect. The improved physique, gear, theme, swagger, and wrestling ability all scream star. Keep an eye on Jamie Hayter.


Already saw her in the indies and knew she has a lot of potential

The Nintendo Gamer

@The Baddestman I didnt realize she was that person before. I just thought… oh I forgot who jamie was and she was on before… nope. I watched nxt before aew and still watch both

Chimpkin Mcnuggies

I wasn’t expecting this theme to be as upbeat but I love it. It gives me big video game boss vibes which I adore

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