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Zero Miedo

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Battle Cry I hear the Battle Cry Under the Devil's Sky The One Win…
Cold World Ayo, the world is cold, better bundle up I said the…
Join Us Join the dark order. (Aren′t you tired of being overlooked? …

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Comments from YouTube:

Reggie Wolfpac

No Lie Penta was great in this match I can see him being a main eventer he's a former world champion as well & I'm really shocked that Moxley didn't bleed in this match wow.

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Jerardo Moreno

He is a former impact world heavy weight champion

Berry Waller

You and me both. After suffering one of the two sadistic "Horsemen" meets "Evolution" style beatdowns dished out by "The Firm" en masse I'm amazed that he DIDN'T bleed for once!🤔🎤🤼‍♂️B.E.

Thomas Hall

@Stealth 107 six man tag champ

Joaquín Choque


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I can genuinely buy Penta in the main event scene. Two things that are important in my view are charisma and fan connection. Pentagon ticks both of those boxes. A joy to watch. Fenix the workhorse, Penta the charismatic one.

Carl Brown

Agree with that assessment.


@iDoThings I just don't like him with Penta , put Alex with someone else and I'm sure it would b ok


@QAZ OMEN not necessarily but I don’t mind him 🤷🏻‍♂️

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