Myth of Lasting Sympathy
A Lot Like Birds Lyrics

Someone cruel gave me my dreams last night. I barely stood before a darkened closet, baring skin and soul before its unseen jaws. "You will never be the creature that you were when you were younger," it whispered. We get disconnected from our childhood. We tell our stories like we read them in a book but had not lived them. I don't remember much from then but I do remember what a closet becomes when the lights go off and I know the many things that fill it up. When we used to have dreams like this we called them nightmares. We ran barefoot through the halls of our house and clung to our parents sheets like they were the only real thing left in the world. And my mother? She would save us, you and I. She would lead us hand in hand through the hallway that made us feel silly for seeming run by shadows and endless only moments before. And I'm here now, barely standing in the land of dreams before it, and I see you, I see myself as a child sitting inside. Scared. Crying. And you have every reason. Because while we grow up through song and story learning that love is everything in this world and that while we believe it and want it more than any single thing...I know that when we have it, we destroy it. That when we grow up, you and I, that we cheat. That we find the girl we love and that we lose her because we learn to love ourselves much more. That the friends that we make will drift away once we have leeched them dry. That the mother who turned our darkened scary hallways into pathways to a bedroom will call us and miss us and love us and we will stay hidden. That really, we will be cruel! That in the stories we want told to us before we fall asleep, the heroes are ideals that never get reached and the villains are absolutely ordinary. And we are absolutely ordinary. And you stare back at me through the closet and into the world that I never really changed and ask me the only thing you want to know. "When we grow up, do we still get scared when the lights go out?"


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Tyler Mabry

mordecai2691 actually, as a teenager, you'll feel them more strongly.

The first note is always the loudest. How quickly each feeling starts to fade as you adjust your expectations and protect yourself by gradually tuning out the world.

Sometimes you reach a point when you can't feel anything at all, just a ringing in your ears. Until, like Beethoven, you find yourself pounding the keys of your life to feel anything at all - trying to make the ground thunder below your feet.

It makes you wish you could look around with fresh eyes and feel things just as powerfully as you did when you felt them for the first time - before expectations, before memories, before words.

Of course, eventually, it all starts to fade again. Until, like Beethoven, you look up from the keys and have to ask yourself, "Ist es nicht schon?"

"Is it not beautiful?"

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Alex F

This song is completely heartbreaking.


Holy hell this gave me chills just like the first time i heard La Dispute's King Park


The answer is no. We aren't afraid of the darkness when we grow up. We thought that, but then we stumbled and now we're fine, because the darkness taught us we need the light.

10th Divine

Actually when you grow up,the darkness only grows larger and our fears to match it, for light casts shadows and the bigger the light we chase,the bigger the shadow that lingers

Brittany Caron

+TL; DR maybe for some of us


Damn this beautiful piece of art just hits!

Danny Mayer

the first time a song made me tear up. and ive heard this many times before. Revisting after a few years of life and loss made it hit so much harder.

Andy Guzman

I was really happy to be hearing the album on my way to school this morning but as soon as I heard and listened really hard to these lyrics... I teared up cause I thought of my mom and my girlfriend. Eye opening lyrics....


My god the last minute has some of the deepest lyrics I've heard in a long time... 10/10.

Nicole Kafarova

This song gave me goosebumps. Their lyrics in every song are astonishing, almost piercing through our lungs. Absolutely incredible.

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