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A Lot Like Birds Lyrics

I say the devil runs this hole
and hides his subjects wisely.
We won't be waiting.
We won't be waiting.

Oh please. (Give it up!)
Don't use your spells on me. (Give it up! Do your worst!)
Disruption, the séance, a curse upon all of us.
An addiction to chaos? I can relate.
Kinda got the same damn problem myself.

Away from the furnace it feels like a vague supernatural strain.
Get closer baby! It's like the real flame!

How long can you hold in your breath for?
Long enough to fan out the fumes?
Who is it you're saving your best for?
And is he showing up soon?
To show you that all prayers fall on deaf ears.
Best to save the fresh air.

And hey, who can blame you for wishing? (Give it up!)
Hope's probably the last thing any of us can take from you. (Stop!)
But we'll get there eventually. We take everything.
Why'd you even come back in the first place? (Turn! Back!)
This isn't your home anymore. It's mine. It's ours. (Leave.)

My tangled knots are wound so tight they never untie.
My mangled tongue's a mother birthing nothing but lies.
My prodigy's in the dark with no need for eyes.

Hold on, watch your step when you're walking down.
Don't want to wake anyone.
Everything you lost watches closely.
Don't go far from the stairs.
Oh, when will it be all over?
Will you let me leave when it's over?

I know you're not superstitious but you might just want to give it a try.
Cross your heart and pray to die now! Knock on wood, turn off the lights now!
Put your skin where I can taste it! Come on down, we're in the basement!
Oh god, someone save us from us!

Pacing back and forth, pacing back and forwards.
Words fill up the space, words fill up the spaces.
Is there any way, is there any way in?
In or out's the same, in or out's the same place.

Home can be such a terrible place
When they won't let you leave.
When you don't have the means.

If I die in my sleep, will I dream before I do?
And live this one final night in my desolate room.
The room inside my head, ceilingless, fulfilling.
If God can grant me this, then I might just go willing.


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Artist: A Lot Like Birds
Genre: Deranged

MetaL DudE

mynameisnotvic too bad the ride is over :( at least we will always have their first 3 albums <3 the birds so sad to see em go.

KHI Official

The "Home can be such a terrible place when they wont let you leave" line hit differently listening back to this during quarantine😔

Tyler Dunning

ALLB have their own sound. And IMO its they have the best post hardcore sound. Them and Dance Gavin Dance

Drop Therapy

I love these guys but I honestly prefer Stolas or Circa Survive.

Gonk Nodge

David Adams listen to Secret Band

MetaL DudE

Tyler Dunning sadly was :(

David Adams

@Tyler Dunning
Yeah I love the instruments in DGD. I liked a few songs off of Acceptance Speech. Carve I think being my favorite, but the stuff from Instant Gratification I didn't like.

Tyler Dunning

I think they breathe fresh air into this genre. Will swan is genius at guitar. Every album is something rare. Have you heard their beginning stuff, their vocals were not poppy back then. But I agree that they are poppy now. The uncleans and instruments are amazing. I think they come together and make a unique sound. But I feel you, not everyone is going to like their vibe.

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This track reminds me a lot of The Fall of Troy. Those were good ol' days :'). I'm glad this genre still has hope.

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