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Sesame Street Is No Place For Vengence
by A Lot Like Birds

"Yeah, well, at least I'm not ugly."
"Yes you are. And you're boring. And you're totally ordinary. And you know it."

"Tonight I present to congress six six six great goals."

"Oh, God."

"The main challenge in our time is for men to learn to live together in peace and harmony."

"Our children that will be born this year will come of age in the twenty-first century...
What kind of society... What kind of world... Are we building for them?"

"Jesus fucking christ..."
"What did we learn, Palmer?"
"I don't know, sir."
"I don't fucking know either.
I guess we learned not to do it again."
"Yes, sir."
"But I'm fucked if I know what we did..."
"Yes, sir, it's, uh... Hard to say."
"Jesus fucking christ..."

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