The Messenger
A New Funky Generation Lyrics

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We got feeling of mystery,
We got the touch of humanity,
I know, we can live forever.

We got the voice of the melody,
We got the choice of the harmony,

I know, we can live together.

Overall Meaning

The Messenger by A New Funky Generation is a song that is all about the potential that lies within ourselves. The lyrics express a feeling of mystery and a touch of humanity, something that is inherent within us, and which can enable us to live forever. The song speaks about the voice of the melody and the choice of harmony, again emphasizing the importance of tuning in to our inner selves and using our innate abilities to create a harmonious and compassionate world. The repetition of the phrase 'I know, we can live together' further emphasizes the idea of unity and collaboration, as we all work together to create a better world.

Line by Line Meaning

As a collective group, we are united and ready to express ourselves through music.

We got feeling of mystery,
Our music carries an aura of intrigue and curiosity, inviting listeners to explore the unknown.

We got the touch of humanity,
Our music speaks to the soul and taps into the emotions that make us human.

I know, we can live forever. (x3)
Our legacy will go on through our music, as it transcends time and immortality.

We got the voice of the melody,
Our voices carry the tune of our music, bringing it to life and creating a unique sound.

We got the choice of the harmony,
The different elements of our music come together in harmony, creating a perfect blend.

I know, we can live together. (x3)
Our music unites people, bringing them together in a shared experience that knows no boundaries.

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Comments from YouTube:


These are my drums on this :) Recorded in Nottingham at Rubber Biscuit Studios back in 1999 :D Great to hear it again! Big shout to NFG aka Pete & Steve for making such a lush track x


Love them! Funky tunes with a message are my favourite.


@@atgunchev Take a bow, Love it!


Cool! Sounds BRILLIANT! Just LOVE this, makes me feel Really happy. Thanks. 😊


Man you getting down on dem.drums brotha.


woow!! thats great! :) :) ... my bend once played this tune , on one concert :) Drummer was so trilled because of your great groove :) :) ... i was on bass :) :) ....

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I’m just here to say I think this is a perfect piece of music and to reach out to anyone who agrees ❤


Thanks from Rich Frost ...


the only one of cafe Del Mar vol6 that isn't on Spotify 😢


My first approach to Cafe del mar music!! Discovered almost 30 years from now and still as fresh as day 1!! Old school rules!!!

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