Check the Rhime
A Tribe Called Quest Lyrics

Uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, check the rhyme

Back in the days on the boulevard of Linden
We used to kick routines and presence was fittin'
It was I the Abstract

And me the five footer
I kicks the mad style so step off the frankfurter
Yo, Phife, you remember that routine
That we used to make spiffy like Mister Clean?

Um um, a tidbit, um, a smidgen
I don't get the message so you gots to run the pigeon

You on point, Phife?
All the time, Tip
You on point, Phife?
All the time, Tip
You on point, Phife?
All the time, Tip
Well, then grab the microphone and let your words rip

Now here's a funky introduction of how nice I am
Tell your mother, tell your father, send a telegram
I'm like an energizer 'cause, you see, I last long
My crew is never ever wack because we stand strong
Now if you say my style is wack that's where you're dead wrong
I slayed that body in El Segundo then push it along
You'd be a fool to reply that Phife is not the man
'Cause you know and I know that you know who I am
A special shot of peace goes out to all my pals, you see
And a middle finger goes for all you punk MC's
'Cause I love it when you wack MC's despise me
They get vexed, I roll next, can't none contest me
I'm just a fly MC who's five foot three and very brave
On job remaining, no I'm chaining 'cause I misbehave
I come correct in full effect have all my hoes in check
And before I get the butt, the Jim must be erect
You see, my aura's positive I don't promote no junk
See, I'm far from a bully and I ain't a punk
Extremity in rhythm, yeah that's what you heard
So just clean out your ears and just check the word

Check the rhyme y'all
Check the rhyme y'all
Check the rhyme y'all
Check the rhyme y'all
Check the rhyme y'all
Check the rhyme y'all
Check it out
Check it out
Check the rhyme y'all
Check the rhyme y'all
Check the rhyme y'all
Play tapes y'all
Check the rhyme y'all
Check the rhyme y'all
Check it out
Check it out

Back in days on the boulevard of Linden
We used to kick routines and the presence was fittin'
It was I the Phifer

And me, the Abstract
The rhymes were so rumpin' that the brothers rode the 'zack

Yo, tip you recall when we used to rock
Those fly routines on your cousin's block

Um, let me see, damn I can't remember
I receive the message and you will play the sender

You on point, Tip?
All the time Phife
You on point, Tip?
Yeah, all the time, Phife
You on point, Tip?
Yo, all the time Phife
So play the resurrector and give the dead some life

Okay, if knowledge is the key then just show me the lock
Got the scrawny legs but I move just like Lou Brock
With speed I'm agile plus I'm worth your while
One hundred percent intelligent black child
My optic presentation sizzles the retina
How far must I go to gain respect? Um
Well, it's kind of simple, just remain your own
Or you'll be crazy sad and alone
Industry rule number four thousand and eighty
Record company people are shady
So kids watch your back 'cause I think they smoke crack
I don't doubt it, look at how they act
Off to better things like a hip-hop forum
Pass me the rock and I'll score 'em with decorum
And proper, what you say Hammer? Proper
Rap is not pop, if you call it that then stop

NC, y'all check the rhyme y'all
SC, y'all check it out y'all
Virginia, check the rhyme y'all
Check it out, check it out
In London, check the rhyme, y'all

Lyrics © Wixen Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Alan Edward Gorrie, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Duncan Malcolm, Izaak Taylor Malik, James Stuart, Kamaal Ibn John Fareed, Leon Ware, Minnie Riperton, Owen Onnie Mcintyre, Richard J. Rudolph, Roger Ball, Stephen Ferrone

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Nikki Ross

So I've been listening to Tribe for a few years now, and the first three albums they made are basically perfect if you're looking to get into them. Here are some highlights from all three for the newer JoJo fans that are looking for more songs from this astounding group. (Johnny from p7 is my favorite JoJo, there's my credibility. You can trust me.)

So! Let's begin! I'll provide a little sidenote into why I love the track, any track with CAPITAL EMPHASIS LIKE THIS is one that I'm extremely fond of, so check those out first if you don't want to go through the walls of text.

From "People Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm"

1. Push it Along (Skip to about a minute in for the actual rapping, beautiful intro though)

2. Luck of Lucien (Wonderful showcase of Tribe's skills without standing too far from other tracks in the album)

3. After Hours (one of their GROOVIEST tracks in my humble opinion, delves into the nightly activities of our Tribe)

4. Footprints (A solid Tribe track, nothing too special about it, just a good showcase of their abilities)

5. Bonita Applebum (absolutely iconic sampling in this track)

6. Can I Kick It? (One of their most ICONIC tracks, if you listen to anything off their first album, make it this one!)

7. Youthful Expression (Q-Tip does his thing on this track, the beat is also astoundingly groovy)

8. Mr. Muhammad (for an absolutely killer intro)

9. Ham 'N' Eggs (for some hilarious bars about something very mundane)
People's Instinctive Travels has a more rudimentary vibe from later albums, and it's their least ambitious of their perfect first three-album run.

From "The Low End Theory" (My personal favorite)

1. Excursions (The bassline that runs throughout the track is FAT, but aside from that, Tip does his fucking JOB on the intro, and once the drum kicks in? It's over. The grooves WILL take over.)

2. Buggin' Out (One of my personal FAVORITES. I believe this is the first track with the classic back-and-forth verse trading that Phife and Tip will commonly do on tracks. Phife begins with a killer flow that fits perfectly with another fat bassline and seamless drums relentlessly pounding in the background. Tip also rides the fuck out of the beat during his verse, it's an absolutely filthy track)

3. Rap Promoter (Not the most essential track, it's Tip rapping about the pitfalls of being in the rap industry, you can skip this unless you're absolutely in love with ATCQ already, but listen to it if only for the transition into)

4. Butter (Phife talks about his relationships, his flow is impeccable, and you fall in love with Phife through this verse, it's so clean)

5. Verses from the Abstract (a very clean track, Phife kinda just spits for a few minutes over a very calm and collected beat)

6. Show Business (another track about the misadventures in the rap industry, the first actual posse track on the album, however, so check it out if you want)

7. Check the Rhime (you're already here!)

8. Everything is Fair (a lil track about surviving in New York)

9. Jazz (We've Got) (ABSOLUTELY FUNKY BEAT. UGH. The drums on this are very heavy, but not enough to kill your ears, just enough to make you bop your head. The verses here are chill, and when Phife comes on you'll freak the fuck out)

10. Scenario (YO. YO YO YO. LISTEN TO THIS SHIT. I don't give a flying fuck if you don't like hip-hop or rap. Listen to this posse track. It really paved the way for future posse tracks in hip-hop, and it's an absolute essential. Sidenote: Busta Rhymes does his fucking thing on this track.)

"The Low End Theory" is the most sonically consistent album Tribe ever came out with. I can listen from track to track without any skips and be just fine. Their subject matter remains solid throughout with maybe the exception of 'Skypager' which isn't my favorite.

From "Midnight Marauders"
1. Steve Biko (From the beginning ATCQ sets themselves up for an astounding album with a FUNKY beat, FLAWLESS flows, and PHENOMENAL composition.)

2. Award Tour (The chorus ALONE will have you rockin' in your seat or grooving your hips, but as soon as Tip and Phife come on, you'll understand why ATCQ is so triumphant. It's because they're THE BEST at what they do.)

3. Sucka *** (I'm not black, so I do not have clearance to say that word. That aside, Tip provides very unique commentary on the origins and current uses of the N-word.)

4. We Can Get Down (GROOVE FOR DAYS. The intro alone will have you snappin' and crackin' along with the beat. I won't lie, the amount of times I've pretended to hold a mic and rap this to a roaring crowd is slightly embarrassing. But it features a very triumphant beat that'll make you feel like you're on cloud nine.)

5. Electric Relaxation (All about sex! But Tribe makes it sultry and intimate, you'll be grooving, and you may or may not want to fuck after listening to it. Who knows? But I love this track.)

6. Oh My God (An absolutely CRAZY beat, compound that with Phife and Tip doing their thing? Oh yeah. This was destined to be great. And yes, Busta Rhymes is weird af on the hook)

7. Lyrics to Go (One of their more unique beats, Tribe come off as very cocky and self-assured, but that's for good reason, as they ABSOLUTELY SLAUGHTER the beat they're given. "I'm Jordan with the mic, wanna gamble?" I mean COME ON)

8. God Lives Through (A very 'vibey' track, it's a very calm end to Midnight Marauders)

"Midnight Marauders" is an absolute joy to listen to, and if you were to tell me that it was your favorite Tribe album I wouldn't disagree with you in the slightest. It has some of their highest highs on it, and it's an extremely solid end to their phenomenal three-album introduction.

So, yeah! I hope that helped you out in your introduction to ATCQ. They're my absolute favorite rap ensemble group of all time, and let me know if you want me to do any of their other albums. (2016's "We got it From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service" is also phenomenal)

I really hope this comment doesn't flop oof I wrote this in one-shot at like 2 am.

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Jay Young

It hurts knowing Hip Hop not gon sound like this again

Heroin Mom

@Jams77 I'm not your guy, buddy


hell you mean, you gotta dig harder my guy, shit like this is everywhere. not to this quality ofc but you can't really expect that

Big One

Once Van Gogh creates a masterpiece, there's no need to do it again:)

Heroin Mom

@Time is running out 2032 What lol

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Q-tip has to have the smoothest, cleanest flow in hip hop history.


@Jennifer People forget about Special Ed!

Moon Head

Guru undisputed flow champ


That's Rakim. Q-Tip is a close second

Aaron Mckerrow

@Friendly Fox q

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