We Are the Halluci Nation
A Tribe Called Red Lyrics

We are the tribe that they cannot see
We live on an industrial reservation
We are the Halluci Nation
We have been called the Indians
We have been called Native American
We have been called hostile
We have been called Pagan
We have been called militant
We have been called many names
We are the Halluci Nation
We are the human beings
The callers of names cannot see us, but we can see them
We are the Halluci Nation
Our DNA is of earth and sky
Our DNA is of past and future
We are the Halluci Nation
We are the evolution, the continuation
Halluci Nation
The Halluci Nation
We are the Halluci Nation

Written by: John F Trudell, Ian Campeau, Timothy Hill, Ehren Thomas

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Cosmic Fart

I'm not Native American, I just have a genuine appreciate and respect. Music connects all. Music for me is sacred, and I am certain it is for many others.

Doris Edwards

We are the ghost walkers. We are never seen, or heard. We are the Halluci-Nation.

Cryptic Arcane

I wished my ojibwe keyboard worked here.

Wanendam nibwaakaawin

Joey Diaz


Helen Turner


Paweł Franciszek Niemiec

Someone's been takin to spirits... peace from brothers of Poland. We all breathe the same air and bask in the same sun.


@thevancouverguy you're absolutely disgusting. How can you preach "all lives matter" and then call people of colour thugs, criminals, savage beasts, and scum. I think that you KNOW you don't care about "all lives." You just use that sentence as a way to silence any progressive and minority-supporting groups. Nobody said your life didn't matter when they said "black lives matter." How can you even ignore a phrase like that? Black lives do matter. Why the hell would you silence that by saying "no, all lives matter." How does preaching for EQUITY negatively impact you? If you're this upset over people wanting to not be treated differently and worse than us white people, it truly shows to go how blinded by your own privelege you are. All lives matter isn't even a movement. It does nothing for anybody. It only became a phrase as soon as black, Indigenous, asian, and muslim people started trying to remind the racist society they live in that their life matters JUST AS MUCH as a white person's life does. If you cared about "all lives" then you most definately wouldn't be so against Black Lives Matter, etc. You'd listen to them telling you that that phrase does nothing but hurt them and silence their cries for help. But you only care about yourself, you old piece of trash. Learn the difference between saying "everybody is equal" and actually having an equal society. You should especially learn about equity.

Cryptic Arcane

Shhhhh. Let them figure it out


Shame you cant talk that way these days. Youd be considered a racist asshole. Your no longer allowed to think everyone is equal. Only some lives matter these days. It's sad, because all lives matter and until all lives matter no lives matter. We gotta stop this racist hatred that is bring protested for in this country (America) right now. End this new racist hate group thats idolizing violent thugs and criminals as some sort of hero. Now they want to get rid of pioneer and frontier monuments too. Disgraceful. We must put down these protesters like the dogs they are, humanely, but they need put down like the savage beasts they are regardless. We need unity right now, particularly with this pandemic, not scum on the streets

Chris P

That's right brother✊🏽

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