Aaron Daniel Jacob Lyrics

Well you think it′s a chair
But it's growin′ curly hair
And your sister's unaware
That she's floating in the air
You′re livin′ in a funhouse, baby
You're livin′ in a funhouse, don't mean maybe

A million doors in the hall
And the table′s on the wall
And the bathtub is your bed
And a floating baby head
You're livin′ in a funhouse, Lawrence
So you'd better get some optical illusion insurance

The floors are steep, you'll never sleep
Your mother calls through the rubber walls
Liftin′ up a feather that weighed a ton
Don′t need to rent a funhouse, make your own house fun! (Your own house fun!)

You're livin′ in a funhouse, baby
You're livin′ in a funhouse, pass the gravy
And while we're on the subject, meet my friend Davy
He was in the navy and his hair is wavy

We′re livin' in a funhouse, mama
We're livin′ in a funhouse, quite the drama
And while we′re on the subject, that Peruvian llama's
Wearing my pajamas and I know that I′m-a
Just livin' in a funhouse, baby

Writer(s): Harry James, Kanal Tony Ashwin, Moore Alecia B

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