Abby Jeanne Lyrics

I′m all alone on a wide wide sea
And youve been drifting in and out and in and out of me
And theres the shore
Right inbetween the hang mans tree
And theres a dog star sun, a dog star sun
On this island of me

And when did we crash ashore
Where have we been before
Where did we come?
When did i crash ashore
Where have you been before
Where did you come from
And now where on
This island of dreams

Im here to remind and to remeber
About the time was life was still beautiful
And the core
Of the human soul
Was stil was still pure

Im all alone
On a wide wide sea
And youve been drifting
In and out, and in and out of me

And your a seeker
A beleiver baby
Which coin will you flip?
Into the tide you rip
Baby RIP baby RIP

Its ok to go back home
Where everything is beautiful
Only unicorn clouds, no radition skys
Because you know like Brazil its all in your mind

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