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Do you remember when our trust use to be fucking gold?
You stole my heart, Its going once, Its going Twice, Its fucking sold
I keep friends close, I'll hold you on every lie you've told
This is way that i feel, your games are getting fucking old

I'll change my pitch just start a fucking new bitch
I turned my life around i did it just for you bitch
Is it me or him? its time to fucking choose bitch
Your fucking kidding me, what else you gonna lose bitch noww
This is over
It started with you,
It ended with me
I'll make this easy for you
Its time for me to leave
I'll be the man
And you'll be the girl
You fuck with my life
I'll fuck up your world
We had it all
But you had your fun
This is the joke
That we have become

What is the point of being sober when i'm not okay
I'll take everything back so you can have it your way
You leave me breathless lost without a word to say
I can't believe where we stand at the end of the day
Im not okay, with you leaving me

Your still apart of me
I'll break it down bitch
Pick up your head, stop staring at the ground bitch
Bring back the bass.
And make it count bitch
Just let them know
That they'll be seeing you around bitch
Let them know
You'll be seeing me around
You fucking bitch. (power up)

Was it worth it? Are you perfect? I get this feeling that you'll never be worth it

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Comments from YouTube:


i remember this shit, it's been a while
Highschool memories.

richard Dixon

Life will never be as hardcore as our highschool days of underdog shred

Kevin McGaughey

i like how they incorporate the speaker breaking sounds

Jason Weaver

I don't think that's intentional.

peter pemrich

I've this on repeat all day. And it still gives me goose bumps. This band is crazy!!!!

Andres L

DAT bass!!!! I can't never get enough!


it doesnt XD


Upload more songs with 808's/bass drops please :) Amazing band btw.


Those bass drops, fucking awesome 2:00 <3


Good, these guys deserve fans, they are epic! :D

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