Homeward Bound
Aces Over Kings Lyrics

Now that the waiting's over
There was no four leaf clover
I can finally see the end in view
Through with all the mishaps
It felt like I'd been kidnapped
Now I feel so brand new
Hello old friend this is Heather
I wish I could have known you better
I'm so glad I got to see you one last time
I've been called home into the unknown
Don't be scared I won't be here alone

I loved you for most my life time
Most the time you were my lifeline
My gratitude is with you and is most sincere
We planted seeds, we grew an orchard
Looking back now looking forward
I take my last breath knowing
That you're by my side

You were my love you were my husband
You were my rock you were my best friend
Sleeping's been so hard without you
By my side
And every day I'm going to miss you
No one's there when I go to kiss you
I can't wait until I'm
By your side

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Yay for aces over kings woooo i love them

John John

Sounds just like the record

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