Recovering The Satellites
Adam Duritz Lyrics

Gonna get back to basics,
Guess I'll start it up again,
I'm fallin' from the ceiling,
You're falling from the sky now and then.

Maybe you were shot down in pieces,
Maybe I slipped in between,
But we were gonna be the wildest, the wildest,
The wildest people they ever hoped to see,
Just you and me.

So why'd you come home,
To this sleepless town,
It's a lifetime commitment,
Recovering the satellites,
All anybody really wants to know is,
When you gonna come down,
When you gonna come down.

Your mother recognizes, all your desperate displays,
And she watches as her babies, drift violently away,
'Til they see themselves in telescopes,
Well listen, do you see yourself in me?
We're such crazy babies, little monkey,
God we're so fucked up, you and me.

So why'd you come home,
To this faithless town,
Where we make a lifetime commitment,
To recovering the satellites,
And all anybody really wants to know is,
When are you gonna come down, down, down, down, down, down,
When are you gonna come down.

She, she, she sees shooting stars and comet tails,
She's got heaven in her eyes,
She says I don't, I don't, I don't need to be an angel,
But I'm nothing, I'm nothing if I'm not this high.

But we only stay in orbit,
For a moment of time,
And then you're everybody's satellite,
I wish that you were mine,
Wish that you were mine.

So why'd you come home,
To this angel's town,
Well it's a lifetime's decision,
Recovering the satellites,
All anybody really knows for sure is,
That you're gonna come down,
That you're gonna come down.

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Declan Sykes

I was tasked to create my own version of a song. I was given these lyrics and I can aptly say that they are the most uninspiring, messy lyrics that I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. As hard as I tried, the lyrics do not fit with any musical theory.

Perhaps I'm wasting my time here, listening to this mess of a song. However, I wanted to see the creative vision of such an artist to create the most appalling vocals. Certainly an eye opener. I can now see that it doesn't require talent to succeed in the music industry. Although, I wasn't in any uncertainty.
All in all, Adam is not a "lyrical genius" I'm afraid. He, as far as I can tell, wrote these lyrics when tripping balls on acid.

Adam seems to be guzzling a large cock during certain moments of this "song". An action I'm sure every person in this comment section is a big fan of.

I don't consider myself a vocalist, however even I could sing this song effectively due to the fact that I would be gagging at the pathetic nature of the lyrics.

Sykes out.

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Devon X

Smart people love this song. Period.

Luna DeMort


Hiphop Artist ShakeSpere

I can tell I like you.

richard boyens


Diego Vicencio

I love this song, it doesn't matter how smart I am. So why you come home=

Andreas Cikota

This whole album is remarkable

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20 years on and this song still just crushes me.

Alex Souza

Me too

Kevin Bihm

Same here, friend.

Katherine Brennan

Likewise. <3

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