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Adam Joseph Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Adam Joseph:

Chasing the Dream This ain't about where you been it's about where you…
Faggoty Attention Give into temptation You don’t have to home all alone Get in…
Faggoty Attention (Booty Bumpin Hoax Mix) Give into temptation You don’t have to home all alone Get in…
Faggoty Attention (Original Edit) Give into temptation You don’t have to home all alone Get in…

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Comments from YouTube:

Captain Huckleberry

Killer interview. I believe the internet gives us the knowledge of the elites.. this interview definitely shows that belief to be true. Thanks guys.

Frater Fraxinus

Thank you for touching on ethics & morality.
"Good is that which is within your will to achieve. Evil is that which you choose not to fall into." -Epictetus

Art Mos Fear Spirituality

Real Talk these energies are powerful I had to use amethyst to keep strong mentally when i worked with samael and lilith :)

Mark Walberg

This was an excellent podcast, I really enjoyed the dynamic between the two of you as well as what these kinds of episodes could bring forth knowledge wise. This was gold, I would highly recommend having another collab if possible with this gentleman.

JS Garrett

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you.

Alicia Franco

YES! BLOOD IS THE LIFE ESSENCE☆☆☆ It's so easy to be overwhelmed within the magical path- Mr. J.S Garrett and Black Magick Barbie puts you at ease and offers reasonable prices for their PROVEN rituals! What a stimulating discussion that gives a realistic approach within this magical community. What a lovely way to end the start of the week.

Jan Hammler

@Alicia Franco Thank you Alicia, thank you, likewise ♥️

Alicia Franco

@Jan Hammler TOTALLY ☆☆☆ I love your open mind and warm personality. These great teachers bring us together through knowledge❤❤❤❤❤

Jan Hammler

Yes! Alicia you're right, Mr. J. Sgarrett is the most wise man I have come across in my life. Its like revelation, it's so good to feel the truth and wisdom through his words. Beautiful. I watching all his shows twice. I also watching E. A. Koetting, he is a perfect teacher too, you just can't not love those guys, they are the only truth in www.

Jan Hammler

Thank you so much ❤️ i have feeling i was preparing 43 years for truth thanks to you. Everything is in place now. I am so happy. Great interview, thank you for sharing. 😊 😊

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