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Love Come Down
by Adie

Let every heart that moves beneath the heavens*
Look up to see the light of our redemption
Together Unashamed
To sing the saving name Jesus

Let every hand be lifted unincombered
To you I only hope our loving Father
To calls us from our sin
From dying to find life again

Come Down
Come Down on Earth
Come Down to Us
Come Down (2x)

Reach us you
Reach us now
With hope for all the broken down
And turn this broken earth
To Holy ground
Come Down
Oh Love Come Down

Your People stand to wait mouth the kingdom
For you will to be done as it is in Heaven
Oh Father Let it come
Let the Radiance unrise

[Repeat Pre-Chorus:]
[Repeat Chorus (2x)]

Come Down
Come Down
Oh Love Come Down to us
Come Down
Come Down

[Repeat Chorus (2x)]

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