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Yaye boy
by Africando

Yay suba yay boy bay suba bay boy Mamba mam boy, bay ma bay boy Maraqui ai boy - yay boy
Maraqui bay boy - bay boy
Mariqui mam boy - mam boy
Mariqui ai boy - yay boy
Y yai yo yay, yai pal ma
Aah bay pal ma

Yay, suba yay boy - bay, suba bay boyMamba mam boy bay ma bay boy Machumba bai nao - mam boy
Asera puma funde - mam boy
Canja ginjo yao - mam boy
Y se tao ue zizi - yay boy

Yai, suba yay boy, bay, suba bay boy Ai bay pal ma, aah yay pal ma
Mamba mamba pal ma, bay yo bay, ma pal ma
Mam... Maraquiam boy, mam mam bal ma

Ah, mam bal ma, ah bay pal ba
Ah, bay mal ma, ay, ya pal ma

Machumba bai dera bu pal ma, asera puma funde pal ma tan mi chumba lera pal ma, ah, yay pal ma

Daniel Ramirez

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