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Gilad Arnon

I woke up this morning baby
The blues was pouring out of me"
Cent fois ces mots je les ai dits
Ces mots que d'autres avaient ecrits
De toute ma voix, de toute mon ame
Le blues comme on me l'a appris
Mais ce matin la, j'ai compris

The blues was pouring out of me"
A hundred times I said those words
Those words others wrote
With all my voice, with all my soul
The blues like I learned it
But that morning, I understood
La peine aux longs champs de coton
J'imaginais de mon cocon
Les coups, le sang, les temps boueux
J'avais mal en fermant les yeux

The hard work in the cotton fields
I was imagining in my cocoon
The hits, the blood, the mud weather
I was hurt while closing my eyes
J'ai des pardons, j'ai des prieres
Mais l'blues c'est pas des phrases en l'air

I have forgives, I have prayers
But the blues isn't sentences you throw in the air
Mais ce matin t'as vraiment froid
Tu comprends du fond de ta poitrine
Tous les blues sont ecrits pour toi

But this morning you're really cold
You understand deep in your chest
All the blues are written for you
Nobody knows how I really feel
Nobody knows, nobody cares"
Les mots te brulent un par un comme s'ils
Comme s'ils t'appartiennent enfin
Ces blues etaient les tiens

Nobody knows how I really feel
Nobody knows, nobody cares"
Words are burning your one by one like if
Like if they are finally yours
Those blues were yours
De toute ma voix, toute mon ame, "with all the soul that I can"
Le blues qu'on n'm'a jamais appris
Nobody knows, nobody sees"
With all my voice, all my soul, "with all the soul that I can"
The blues I was never taught
Nobody knows, nobody sees"

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Prithu Sunil

Let's build a home somewhere in the middle of this song.

Mel A

Am I right here right now agreeing with a comment from three years ago after needing to hear this song and seeing comments from fifteen minutes ago? Life can be so serendipitously beautiful right when I need it to be sometimes.

Prithu Sunil

@ARTEMISIA 999 Oh, epic! Haha. Email?


@Prithu Sunilsadly i am not on Insta nor any other social media platforms barring the exception of Quora 🙃💔🙃

Prithu Sunil

@ARTEMISIA 999 instagram? Look up prinosaur :)


@Prithu SunilI do not mean to pounce on You But ... Is there any other means to have a decent conversation with you?🙃💓🙃

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Mariano Pereyra

This song makes me feel on a very special place, a perfect place where the day and night don't matter, where the time is flexible and you just have to live...

chris cauwelier

About the same feeling, but I play it always when there's a first real 'summer-day', like today here in belgium. I also see a Van Gogh - style garden.

Andrea C.

I can Imagine Bob Ross painting an autumn mountain view.

Sean Mallory

the sound of falling in love

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