Le Voyage de Pénélope
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This is one of those songs

Adam Oliphant

See also, "electric dreams" by Purturbator.

Joshua Baham

Can drive for hours to this..

Evan's Gate

this song is the best representation of your headspace while tripping

Tn Yamaneko

The whole LP is a masterpiece, but it has a reputation as being one of the best to have sex while listening to it.
One of the reasons why it is the case, I attribute it to the French not actually wanting to "have sex" but rather "make love". It's a language thing and a state of mind. It takes time to want to "make love" instead of wanting to "have sex" and in this particular story, it takes the lenght of this LP.
This wonderful song is akin to the end of a journey, an end to a Moon Safari, beginning with the encounter with a Silver Woman (La Femme d'Argent), finally travelling to a shared outer space, and as the last track of the LP, it ends up with this tremendously tentative French Horn begging to conclude this whole trip in the best way possible for that journey. A climax.
I'm sorry if I did botch up my interpretation while trying to express it in English, as it's not my native language, but as flawed as it might be, I hope it can help you understand my feelings about this song and the whole LP.

Tn Yamaneko

@Mounia Tamer Merci beaucoup pour votre gentil commentaire. Pour moi, l'album Moon Safari est un juste milieu entre l'ambition de 10,000 Hz Legend et la candeur de Talkie Walkie. En ce qui me concerne, ces deux éléments sont indissociables de la sensualité: : sans ambition, pas d'intérêt envers l'autre, et sans candeur, pas de folie.

Tn Yamaneko

@Laura Claire Haha, sorry for the late reply but I hope, and would be glad, if it helped things go right for that matter ;)

Laura Claire

OMG I HAVE TO DO THAT!! * Boyfriend thanks you in advance *

Mounia Tamer

Leaving an exceptional comment, as I usually indulge in the literature of others, such as yourself. Merci pour cette description adequate, transparente, objective. Votre point de vue resonne jusqu’ici!

Alberto Casares Robaina

On my opinion, one of the best songs...truly a bittersweet song.

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