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Low December Sun
Air Formation Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Air Formation:

Adrift If only I'd have waited to say those words Can't escape…
Cold Morning Wait for waves, sounds of other days, waiting, hoping, is…
Daylight Storms Just let go, you'll find another day As I saw the…
Formation 1 What happened at the New Orleans? Bitch, I'm back by popular…
I Can't Remember Waking Up There are tears in your eyes every time I leave…
Into View you take me so far god i hope you're on my…
The Dark Has Fallen You said you'd always be alive, well so will I,…
Three Years Pass Don't want to fight the tears, we're growing colder still I…
Until Today These eyes are tired, I'm lying down. Dreamed a while…

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Comments from YouTube:


I love it when record companies actually think about the music rather than what the band looks like -- this is what real people are like. The lyrics and feeling the music gives me is justified by knowing that they're playing from the heart.


Guitars. Ambience. Orchestrations. Reverb. Tone. Who could ask for more.


great song! tremendous work. Looking forward to the full album.

Blackearth Sindustries Records

Best song for this moment in time. We're having an sunny global warming winter that fits this like a glove. The other day as I was biking along the plains of Araba this song popped in my head....and it just blew me sky high


Terrific sound from a very talented band. Thank You for uploading this beauty.

John Dimitri

Outstanding song! Thank God for real musicians!!!


Loving the track guys and the vid is excellent. Good work!


Damn it. I've never heard of this group before. This is awesome! Somehow this song gives me this etheric after-party-dark-night/Twin Peaks feeling. I need to check more of this stuff :)


Beautiful song! I'm new to this band and glad that I found it :D

Mademoiselle La Di Da

one of my most-played tracks !!

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