As Legs Get Slower
Akai Lyrics

As legs get slower life moves faster
Less time to do what we have to
Function fills where once was laughter
Conversation gives way to chatter

Fresh distractions keep getting staler
Like recorked wine a few weeks later
Crimson smiles serve as reminders
That once we were a little kinder
And even when we're happy with our lives
We catch ourselves thinking of better times
Thoughts flicker on and off like street lights
Casting ???? spots on the darkest nights

And as we look around our home we
Question all the things we own
All the things once so important
Are now all broke and go unnoticed

A metaphor for friends and family
'cause sometimes they can come in handy
Of sentimental things catch dust
gathers on the things we love

There's nothing healthy about giving in
So thinking about what could have been
--choose to be
The worst things always taste so sweet

And all that's left is to pretend
Is things we make smile again

Contributed by Claire A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Dechen Bloom

"Joker, what is this?"

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"Material Girl means acting rich when you're not."

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SheghostedyoubetterthenAhauntedhouse 💀

“Gregory, tie your shoe laces, we’re leaving.” “I don’t have shoe laces though”
“You don’t have shoe laces?”
“Are those- Velcro straps?-“


thx for all the likes :D

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I played this on full volume and now my house is VIBRATING

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Same bro

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