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Akai Lyrics

When I'm fishing through my pocket for a quarter or a dime
all I get is an empty pocket where your hand once held mine

I had a well full of happy memories of laughing in our bed
Your gorgeous smile and sparkling eyes, but now my well's gone dry

(Now they're twisted; they had their life stolen)

In this crowded smokey room be so much better with you here
I could wrap my arms around you but the music's lost it charm

Car ride
Rain falls

Contributed by Michael H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Sincerity Nature

It's been 12 years, so no one probably remembers this game (or is able to play it anymore lol), but this is still one of my favorite VNs of all time,,,,

One day I'll get my newer computer to run it. One day. lol

Sincerity Nature

UPDATE: My new computer runs it fine so I am free to replay someday ☺️


there needs to be more action oriented vns with female protagonists.

⚘ SylkaChan 〶

i agree : they should make an actual tv anime because the art is good but the game is terrible


wow, from what I can see, this would have made an amazing anime! :D I havn't played the game. is it good? but from what I can see in this opening video, I would think this would have been an awesome anime if they made one:D


demo was great :x i want the full version too!!! damn the story is so good!


what's the name of this song, I want to put it on my cell phone so badly, it sounds so beautiful! <3


they've already made this into an anime might as well make it into an anime too!

Leana Gomez

Omg, I love the song and I'm totally gonna play this. Hm, the manga was a bit boring though.


my bad i meant they've already made this into an manga might as well make it into an anime! i love this!

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