The Fall
Akai Lyrics

I knew a boy from south of the cities
who told me once he loved riding angels

He followed them away from his mother
who bore the weight of loving another

A heart full of wishes
The world looks small from way up high
But what goes up must come down
Not far from home our boy found a lady
to fill the void of loving another
She told him that she loved riding angels
He took the weight of loving the female
Her hero is woman

Off the ground just not as high
But what goes up must come down

Lies are told when something is lacking
For her the lies were love for the riding
The angels tired of causing her crying
The boy who tired of always convincing
With bitter frustration

Back on land
The clouds above
What goes up must come down

Contributed by Leah F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Z-SYRUP A Cure for Heartache

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Swift fall tuichu ana hileng ken nang lalou helding,,
Swift fall lilai a kanao kilet dieng deng😭😭😭 Lungset umvar🤟🤟

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Kalungse val'e..
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Jeff akai song

Mangkho Singson

Agim nei valle lachu kalung se valle kaden

JingThouLou Tangpa

Ohe !! Latah chu ka gollhan hoilaitai 20s lai khangchu ngai aumlheh e .... Kahol na sot ahitai kipa aume nahin upload u .... Hiche la hi kilachoi nalah a dinga agil loija kakoi ahe ... PuJeff 👍 💝 from Dubai.... Ahitheile hichelai khanga laho chu hin upload² g uvo like le view beh in nahin kithopi g nao vinge

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