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The Guardian Tightly Rooted
by Akerbeltz

Here I come with no weapons to protect me
Here I come with a bleeding heart in my hand
I walk the path naked in the embrace of the moon
I'm not hostile as I enter your dominion
To reveive the powers that to others you steal
And I swear death by my own hand to whoever betrays

Deep Infernal rising

Mercyless guardian. Protector of the gates of hell
Poison distiller, bringer of torture and pain
Feed by the fear of countless graves
Mercyless guardian grabbed to the eath-
centuries have passed and most memories have failed. His roots grow stronger and larger every year
Sage and ancient feeding with the dead
No living form surrounds the soil were he's strenghten. Evil guards the path to the end
Even fire dares not to shine in this presence.

As I enter his jaws I must fear no pain
He senses the weak and feeds on them
The chosen one must be in touch
With those who in eternal dreams lay...
Once by generation to guide the strong and the wise. Three each century to cause harm and despair. When the reaper decides the time for an end. The beast shall go to his lair and feed the guardian with his flesh

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