Dance with Night Wind
Akira Yamaoka Lyrics

(The world is teeming with unnecessary people.
It's god's decision that I fight.
As a knight of honour.
As a protector of the seal.
I sacrifice myself to the blood of criminals.)

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Samuel The Fox

Masterpiece... I once legitimately went outside on a windy night with a bright moon shining in the sky and, while listening to this on my mp3 player, danced with the night wind.... It was a magical experience that I will never forget... Thank you Akira Yamaoka 🍃


@N C lmfao


Gotta say, if i saw anyone doing that outside my house i would invest in a gun

sam dume

looks out window

Sees man dancing by himself

Well that was wierd

yeah tbh.

sounds like something a fuckin depressed emo weirdo would do lol

Samuel Samuel

Did you really danced with the Night Wind?
I envy you.....

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R.I.P Harry Mason.

Raziel Ayre

When all the loneliness that dwells inside you... screams...


Ya pussy bitches just fucking have a good time be smart and don’t be a bitch


@Raziel Ayre All you can do is make sure that the love coming from you isn't a lie.

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