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Supercalifragilistic Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious C'est vrai que ce mot tro…

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Comments from YouTube:

Mike Appels

Cmd+shift+. toggles show/hide hidden files and folders

Be De

For Windows: "cmder" is the best console emulator I used.

Claes Gill

cmd + "+" or cmd + "-" will make the text bigger/smaller


@The Coding Train
On Windows you can use hyper terminal instead of iterm2.
You can get wsl (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and install Ubuntu bash then get zsh and oh my zsh.

Patrick Abraham

I would recommend IBM Plex Mono as programming font.
It was created by IBM to increase the work ease and the workflow.

I love this font ^^

Ass Möde

just tried it on code::blocks with a dark theme, looks great


This is so topical because I just started using terminal and shell a week ago and I’ve come to find out that it is very very useful. Great video as always Dan!

Marc Gràcia

Just note that bash does also all what is shown in the video (autocomplenion,etc...), but without the colors and stuff... zsh does a lot more nice things, but they have not been (still?) explored

Stacy Schauls

Linux FTW

SlingerRiper xD

I just tried zsh on my Ubuntu terminal on Windows 10 and works really good!

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