Oooh This Love Is So
Al B. Sure! Lyrics

Ooh this love is so
Um, that I won't let you go
Ooh this love is so
Um, that I won't let you go

Taking the time to show my love for you, no
Do you love me too girl?
Ooh don't tell me, let it show
When you're with me I know for real
That out love can't help grow
Because the passion you bring to me, my lady
Ooh I won't go
I see a rose in the sky
I'll reach for you my love
And if a petal should fall
I'll catch your heart for you
Oh no
Whisper to me
So that I can see you closer to me
I'm wanting you more and more each day
That's why I'll say

Ooh this love is so, this love is so
Um that I won't let you go (I won't)
Ooh this love is so that I won't let you go

You're lying there waiting for me to make love to you
I'll take all the time I need for you to B. Sure! of my love
Don't be afraid to yell my name
When the love feels this way
And maybe soon you'll see that I'm sincere
Ooh you'll say

Ooh this love is so
Um, that I won't let you go
Ooh this love is so
Um, that I won't let you go

Roses are red and violets are blue
Love is blind and I don't know what to do (When you're)
With me you see that I have no fears
But when you leave me all I can say is

Ooh this love is so
Um, that I won't let you go
Ooh this love is so
Um, that I won't let you go

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Comments from YouTube:

Yolanda McGill

Who still here for this in 2020?🙌🏾❤


Im completely here for it💕 We need more love in our world, especially right now😍

Cedrium Allison

Fo sho


Me I’m in 2021

Toni Williams


Sirius TV Views Bryant McNeiL

I remember playing this song on stage with Al as his bass player on Tour!! It was a real energy and Al captured it every night, thousands of women would lose it all at once!!!!! some nights, he would have to stand there and wait for the screams and total chaos to calm down just to hear the band!!! An amazing period in time and music!! and he took care of his band, we never wanted for anything!!! Love You Bro!!!!

Darrin Empowers

@Sirius TV Views Bryant McNeiL appreciate the kind words 🙏🏿 🙏🏿 I'm not sure exactly what content you saw, but I'm happy you visited 💪🏿

Sirius TV Views Bryant McNeiL

@Darrin Empowers Yes Brother Darrin, I have watched your content.You are an Amazing Human B-E-I-N-G!! A total ray of divine light and passion. On the contrary we are your fans. Ohhh, l have to mention I’m from The “D” also ....looking forward to sharing, the stories of how it was, however more enthusiastic and over the Top about telling the stories of how we choose them to be. Rumble young man Rumble!!! Darrin Empowers from Man to our Superman.

Darrin Empowers

You should post a video about more experienced you all had, we'd love to hear as fans


That’s so dope!!!

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