Touch You
Al B. Sure! Lyrics

Say lady remember that night in the garden
(Let me love your body down)
I didn't touch you then
But I want to touch you now

Touch you, oh baby let me touch you
Tonight touch you, touch you right now
Tonight touch you yeah
Tonight touch you touch you right now
Can my love for you stand the test of time
We'll see if it's just pleasures of the mind
(Pleasures of the mind)

Is it physical, I'm so young
So naive girl, these are new waters
And I hope they're not too deep for me

If I taste your love I hope you'll understand
(Hope you'll understand)
That my consciousness of life is more than just a man

In my secret place of love we can make so much love
And no one is the wiser but our hearts believe
That when I touch

You're more than just a flower and you'll grow into a tree
It's more than making love it's sweet harmony
And the way that I touch you, run my tongue down your spine
Ooh you'll never want another lover, you'll always be mine

And you'll treasure when I touch you, won't you
Break it down (oh)
Can you feel it? 'Cause I can yeah
Let us climb together so slow, so slow

Won't you hold me, let me squeeze you
Don't you tease me (touch you) let me touch you baby
All night long (baby let me touch you)
Tonight touch you, touch you right now!

Won't you (tonight) hold me, let me squeeze you
Don't you tease me (touch you) let me touch you baby
All night long (baby let me touch you)
Tonight touch you, touch you right now

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tracey marie

Al B could do NO wrong! He had the magic formula for love ballads  for sure!

ThatBoyRuut 21

Yeah of course ... especially if you a somewhat good singer with one of the best producers (Devante Swing) and vocal freaks of nature singing background (Kci and JoJo)

Ellen Kellman

Touch you is an underrated gem stone produced by Devante Swing of Jodeci. So you know it’s a missionary position waiting to happen. This song is to be played when making love with steady eye contact involved. Audibly seductive track. 3 1/2 stars(B). Genre – Slow Jams.

kimberly harris

Getting pregnant song #22

beforethemayflower manofhue

It wasnt in its time. Al was the hittedt shit out. Foh

the Golden•Milkyway

Ellen Kellman wow I didn't know that! That's why I love reading the comments bc I learn more about a song I've listened to a thousand times lol! Thanks!


+Ellen Kellman Amen, Amen!!!!


This is how I like my slow jams to sound. I haven't heard this one in so many years. My favorite was So Special.

DJ Cichlid

Mine too. 👍🏽✨

Kneph Sabir

so special was my joint also

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