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That Haunting Melody
by Al Jolson

Tell me, have you ever heard this melody?
"Dya dya..." etc
That melody has made an awful hit with me
"Dya dya..." etc
I don't know where I heard it
But I liked it from the start
It seems that I preferred it
'Cause it got right to my heart
It lingers in my brain
I've nearly gone insane
ooo, although I love that strain
Of melody
"Dya dya..." etc
Where have I heard that melody?
It seems so familiar to me
It goes: "Dya dya..." etc
It's floating in the air
Yes, everywhere
But here is here or here is there:
"Dya dya..." etc
I love I love, I love, I love it so
It follows wherever I go
Where is it from?
I cannot help but hum
"Dya dya..." etc
Come dearie, wild about
Can't do without
That haunting melody

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