Summer in the City
Alabama 3 Lyrics

Long cold lonely winter
Someday soon
Change gonna come

Cut the crap buster
you ain't hustling this thief
Don't blag this blagger boy
cuts no mustard with me
Press your incompetence up
the bling of some Teflon G
You know and I know that you
know that I know
Your Rolex ain't nothing but
knock off gear

Summer in the city
Will you make it through the night?

You bit the bullet and your teeth fell out
Believed the hype about helping yourself
to my booty bag but I kept my
booty bag empty
You were chasing your tail
Now your doghouse ain't safe
The cats on the corner are
ready to break
ready to break,
ready to break and enter.

Baby do you wanna go burning
Wanna go burning and looting with me tonight?

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