Alanis Morissette Lyrics

The missle sent today killed only 3
The rest were saved, they're far enough away
To not really feel the direct effect on me

They caught him today
Based ridicuolusly on his race
They weren't sure he even did it
But they needed a random face

All these symptoms, symptoms of a simpler cause
I've had moments in my life when I've contributed by believing we are
Seperate, we are seperate
Dissconnected in this unity

He won today, smug self-satisfaction on his face
He blew the others out of the water
He said and was glad they were disgraced


He stole what he could
He only had minutes before he'd be caught
He justified every penny taken by blaming the gap between the rich and rich not


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Comments from YouTube:

Todd Henry

This song is incredible!. . overlooked and underrated - it didn't even make it onto Feast On Scraps (an EP of b sides left over from Under Rug Swept) but one of my favorites from this era

Eric Springer

It should have been on Feast On Scraps...but sadly it was only on Hands Clean....I love this song, and it still fits very much in the now

Priscila Moreira

Poderia ter entrado no cd, no lugar de Utopia. Amooo

Rubem Carvalho

Uma das melhores canções da Alanis, ficou meio perdida. Feliz de ter reencontrado.

Shaun Morris

I'm so happy I found this song. Awakening Americans is also a great song from her.

Dygo Santista

Amo essa música

Jean Carlo

+Rodrigo Sampaio como não amar?

Oliver Bórquez

Why this song wasn't added in Under Rug Swept or Feast On Scraps? Or this is a Bonus Track of some Japanese versión of one of these albums?
The song is great!

Oliver Bórquez

@nevergonnaletudown ahhh, okey. This single should be Hard to get.


Oliver Bórquez this song ended up on “Hands Clean” CD single.

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