Time Is Running Out
Alexander O'Neal Lyrics

Time is running out
Fast like speeding light
Keep up if you can
While youth is on your side
Don't waste another moment
Stand up and get started 'cause life is moving on it's time you're racing with
Stop wasting time, time is running out
Stop wasting time, time is running out
Some people seem to think they don't have nothing but time
But tomorrow is never guaranteed
Today live your life
Take off that yokish attitude let's change the way we think
'Cause the only way to change reality is to work hard on our dream
Stop wasting time, time is running out
I'm talking to you
Getting' busy stop wasting time, time is running out
Wait a minute. I'm going to laugh no procrastinating,
More participating stop wasting time, time is running out
I'm talking to you.
Stop wasting time. Time is running out
Talking' 'bout time, time, time time
Go get yourself some business don't worry 'bout mine
I'm talking to you.
Getting' busy you better get real
Stop wasting time, make up your mind
Stop wasting time. And you will find
Find a better way
Time is running out I'm talking to you

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Comments from YouTube:

Dwight Love

One day somebody is going to do a film about everything that went on with Prince and of course they better cover the NEGATIVE along with the POSITIVE.

Just Me

The biscuit eater was his nick name because his attitude was too free. He could eat a whole pan of biscuits by himself. Then he would wonder why his songs didn't last. One man that was 5'5 in height knew that the song fake would ruin him but he didn't care, as long as his songs lasted he didn't care. The Jesse Johnson's interview with video soul told that. If prince couldn't have me, he didn't want anyone else to have me, thats just how crazy he was about me.

musicnerd 72

That makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever. Are you high on something or just mentally touched in the wrong spot? I'll go with the second option. I believe I've seen this verbal diarrhea before.