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Vers la flamme Op. 72
Alexander Scriabin Lyrics

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"So, now we know who started the fire, Billy Joel."


@Not Happy shade😂

Not Happy

Rip Notre Dame


It's strange. I love classical music and extreme metal, but they require two different mind sets for listening. When I approach this song as I would other, less dissonant classical music, it is really unenjoyable and I feel too tense and uncomfortable, like the music is crawling under my skin. But when I approach the song like I would a doom/death metal song I can relax, the dissonances become enjoyable, and the beauty of this really shines though

Bob Job

I don't really listen to death metal but I've listened to a lot of doom metal, imo, it's more so that Scriabin's work is more harmonically complex than just dissonant, but it makes the dissonant parts stand out. Dissonant sounds in metal start to become more consonant due to the repetition, so it feels more normal (i.e., it usually takes everyone a bit to enjoy death growls and screams).


This piece has colors just flying. Really dark piece.


One of the most sinister and cataclysmic pieces ever written.

Marc Smith

It brings me some joy to know that this music is still too radical, even a hundred years later, for some sticks in the mud.Some folks must believe that all music should be designed just to please their ears, which are too fragile to handle even a little discord.

Jerf Hankell

In any case, it is all the harder to make a living as a musician today thanks to the seeds of alienation sown between composer and audience roughly 115 years ago. I think the popularity of recorded popular music, and film with sound, both results of technology, would have perhaps done the job eventually anyway, pushing "art" music out of the marketplace, but the reputation of "modern" music that has stuck since the early 20th century didn't help.

Noah McCullough

I don't hear any discord whatsoever

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