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Francesco Dente

I think pipe could be implemented recursively like this:
pipe (...os) {
if (os.length == 0) {
return this
this.subscribe(x => os[0].emit(x))
return os[0].pipe(os.slice(1))

I made it on the fly so I'm not really sure if it is a working solution but I believe it's in the good direction.
Btw brilliant series as always.

Russ Paul

For someone who wasn't overly familiar with RxJS, your pipe implementation seems to be spot on!!

const ob = new Observable(
subscriber => {

const transforms = ob.pipe(
map(x => x * 2),
map(x => x + 10),
map(x => `Number is ${x}`)

// Number is 20
// Number is 30
// Number is 26

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Barun Kharel

I recommend your playlist to anyone who wants to learn reactive programming. You explain in a way that is easy to grasp.

BTW, did you cancel the next one?

This is a great idea for learning how reactive frameworks work and getting better at using them 👍

Christopher Okhravi

Thanks. I’m glad to hear :)

Rosario Crisci

Is there any chance we could have another episode of "Reactive Programming from Scratch"?

Jerónimo Carrizo

Thank you so much for this short course, It help me a lot to understand more in deep Rx Programming! thanks again!

Ralph Schuler

when will you continue this series?

Vasyl Motsyak

It's like a serial from TV, the most interesting will be in next episode 😂😂😂

Christopher Okhravi

Hehehe. Thanks for watching :)

Vijay Singh

Can we also have a mini-series on functional programming in JS without using any libraries? I loved the ramda one, but I think I should take a step back and first get comfortable with functional programming in JS.

Christopher Okhravi

@John Sourvinos Hahahha

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