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1. Allegro
Alfred Brendel Lyrics

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Elaine Blackhurst

Timothy Thorne
You’re right, I agree particularly that some of the modulations in this movement of exceptional depth and beauty sound Schubertian - the famous Lestat sonata section clearly foreshadows Romantic piano sonorities.

The most intriguing thing though is what exactly was going through Haydn’s mind at the time as this sonata was written, astonishingly, as early as 1789/90 whilst he was still in effect a full time operatic Kapellmeister, isolated in the wilds of Eszterhaza; parts of it are are simply unprecedented for the time.

I wonder what prompted it?

It is also interesting to speculate what his friend Mozart would have made of it, and also Beethoven would have known it - did you notice the foreshadowing of the famous ‘Fate’ motif from his 5th symphony?
It occurs in the first movement bars 53 - 56, and 179 - 180 for example, and is one of several such foreshadowings of this motif that occur in Haydn.

This astonishing sonata was written for his friend Maria Anna von Genzinger to whom he wrote some of his most intimate and revealing letters; it was almost certainly too difficult for her - she asked for the well known crossed-hands section in b flat minor (5 flats) to be rewritten in a simplified form - if ever done, now lost.

Similarly, the e flat minor section in the Finale (6 flats!) must also have been very challenging; Robbins Landon speculates that Haydn may well have taught her to play the difficult sections on his next visit to Vienna.
Whilst difficult for an amateur such as Frau von Genzinger, the work is actually less challenging than most of the keyboard works written for Therese Jansen in London a few years later.

It remains a fascinating thought as to what prompted this deeply felt, and in the case of the Adagio e Cantabile, almost unique movement.

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Freddy Cerdas

Beautiful music by Haydn and Mozart. The pianist is a genius, as well.

Charles Lee

Alfred Brendel's tone and dynamics are amazing.

jonathan veale

One of the remarkable things I find about Brendel is that, no matter what he interprets, there is always at least one passage that's memorable for its outstanding musicality and resonance.

manuel 1849

This should have more views

Christ Is All I Got

One thing I learned from all these master performers is that they all barely leave their hands from the keys. They all keep their hands as close to the notes as possible and apply little force

Salo Kin

Agreed. Except when they don't - when the mood changes or the structure signals something important.


I love to hear Aldred's piano playing..... thanks...

Geoffrey Witte

Spectacular, Brendel as always. There are no words....only ones ears.
Really thank you.

Timothy Thorne

Geoffrey Witte the Mozart sonata is spectacular! This is so different from the small C Major sonata K. 545. This present work is moody and rhetorical, and must have made a profound impression on the young Beethoven. In fact, Beethoven even borrowed a melodic fragment in the second movement of this sonata, for his own Pathetique Sonata's slow movement.

Heino Viik

Geniuses! Excellent sound and picture quality!

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