Ali Farka Touré Lyrics

J'ai quitte' mon pays et ma Louisiane
Mais dans d'autres pays, adieu Savane
J'ai trouve' le me'tro n'est pas un petit boulot Mais je suis, je suis un ne'gre
J'ai quitte' un ami et ma Lousiane
Mais dans d'autres pays, adieu Savane.
Au lieu de nous donner non seulement des bombes
Donnez nous des moto-pompes, pour qu'on puisse quand meme subvenir a' nos besoins naturels Pour trouver la vie et le savoir et la sagesse.

Writer(s): ALI TOURE

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0:00 "Erdi
4:43 "Yer Bounda Fara"
9:01 "Beto"
13:50 "Savane"
21:34 "Soya"
26:13 "Penda Yoro"
31:38 "Machengoidi"
35:13 "Ledi Coumbe"
38:30 "Hanana"
41:04 "Soko Yhinka"
46:10 "Gambari Didi"
50:00 "Banga"
53:48 "N'Jarou"

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Ron Simar

Just discovered this in July 2020 at age 73. Never too late to discover such beautiful music.

ArRafi Shabazz

Check out Amadou and Mariam as well...I think you'll like...try the Folila Album for starters! Enjoy

ArRafi Shabazz

@verte nature I haven't heard any music from Guinea yet...thanks for sharing! Will check out! Do any Guinean artist come to mind?

William Lawson

Ali farka the soundtrack of my life

Stephane Lebrun

you're right !

verte nature

Try all musicians/singers from MALI and GUINEA, they are ALL excellent !!!!

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Abdoulaye Maiga

The beauty of his music reminds us the greatness of Songhai Empire ( actual Northern Mali) where Songhai , Tuareg, Fulani, Arab and Bambara lived together in peace, brotherhood and love. In fact , Ali Farka sang in Songhai, Fulani, Tuareg , Bambara etc. His inspirations come from the roots of this mixture. A couple years ago, I was amazed when I attended Vieux Ali Farka (Ali Farka' son) concert in Virginia, USA. I found my Songhai's roots far from Home.

Moskowitz Daniel

One of the most brilliant musicians to ever walk the face of the Earth.


@Gardner Berry Good taste is subjective my friend and it is not only a first world concept.

John okiwawa

Gardner Berry, da fuck do u know about music and who the f is mozart by the way ? U don’t compare and contrast Artists/music. You enjoy their work. Every artist has his own mark and his genuis. Mozart aint better than Farka Toure my brother. But to each its own.

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