Ali Farka Touré Lyrics

J'ai quitte' mon pays et ma Louisiane
Mais dans d'autres pays, adieu Savane
J'ai trouve' le me'tro n'est pas un petit boulot Mais je suis, je suis un ne'gre
J'ai quitte' un ami et ma Lousiane
Mais dans d'autres pays, adieu Savane.
Au lieu de nous donner non seulement des bombes
Donnez nous des moto-pompes, pour qu'on puisse quand meme subvenir a' nos besoins naturels Pour trouver la vie et le savoir et la sagesse.

Writer(s): ALI TOURE

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Idowu Shofoluwe

I am Nigerian woman, I don't understand the language but the music from Mali is therapeutic to my soul, especially music by Ali Farka Toure. I have all his cds. Rest In Peace Baba!


عبدالرحمان عبدالرحمان

@Matty88K بلقات

olivia garcia barcina

Yo tampoco entiendo el idioma , pero no es necesario . La musica es fantástica .

Jim W

@Diawara Oussey which makes it...."french" .......

Diawara Oussey

@Jim W nothing french except the language he used in this song

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Apple tube

Mali is a country where one of the oldest universities in the world was found, the Timbuktu civilization was also there. We know Mansa Musa also, the richest man of the planet earth till this time and a humble leader. Malian music is also a healing remedy for the soul, Ali Ibrahim Toure the greatest guitarist and singer of mama Africa!!!!
This is Nurhussain, from the very east of the continent,Ethiopia, the African capital❤❤❤

kassim mwaninga

Mali is the home of many Bantu speaker.hence home of rhythm. Arts and intellectual minds

Enkuneh Eyob

Wel said brother. Ali is the music king of our world.
I am addicted to listening to his music and trying out on guitar.
Crazy fan of Ali Farka Toure, the desert blues founder.
From Ethiopia


What sticks out to me about his playing is the storytelling quality in it. So few musicians capture such a thing but Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate are storytelling masters

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